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22 Apr 2023

Majestic Boards Surfer 97

Majestic Boards / Escooter Clinic Stand: W12
  • Majestic Boards Surfer 97
  • Majestic Boards Surfer 97
  • Majestic Boards Surfer 97
Majestic Boards Surfer 97 Majestic Boards Surfer 97 Majestic Boards Surfer 97

The Surfer 97 model combines the proven and rider-approved specs of our Surfer deck with the longer deck of the Supreme model. This board is not only great for taller riders due to its wider and longer deck, but also for anyone who wants a comfortable and stable ride. Its larger concave makes carving easier, and all the electronics are aesthetically hidden within the deck, providing an extremely slim line.

This electric longboard with interchangeable wheels offers endless possibilities. You can quickly and easily change the wheels from street to terrain, allowing you to tackle off-road routes and adapt to any conditions. The remarkably smooth acceleration and braking make for intuitive and enjoyable control. With 2700W motors, you can accelerate up to 55 km/h and conquer rises of up to 30%. The low embedding of the trucks improves the ride-feeling and stability of the rider.

Furthermore, Majestic electric longboards can have a factory-programmed speed limiter, depending on the user's preferences. Despite the enormous power of its motors and battery, the Majestic electric longboard offers exceptionally delicate and smooth control. We use technologically advanced electronics and programming that we developed ourselves to allow for intuitive and safe braking of the board, even at high speeds.

With the option to change the ride mode on the remote, your board can take off as gently and smoothly as a leisurely cruise or accelerate like a sports car on a straightaway.

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