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05 Dec 2022

Mirror Infrared Heating Panel

Jigsaw Stand: N10
  • Mirror Infrared Heating Panel
  • Mirror Infrared Heating Panel
  • Mirror Infrared Heating Panel
Mirror Infrared Heating Panel Mirror Infrared Heating Panel Mirror Infrared Heating Panel

Our range of mirror Infrared Heaters are the perfect solution for energy-efficient heating for you and your home. Every design is a stunning addition to any property and could help you make great savings on your heating bills.

You could be looking for an elegant way to warm your living room or bathroom as a work of art or as a mirror. These can be purchased individually or if you are looking for a more efficient way to heat your entire home, they can be used in conjunction with any of our premium quality infrared panels and our Genius kit.

High-quality materials have been used to design and make our range of Glass Infrared Heaters. Our heaters are manufactured in the UK using the latest glass bonding techniques on toughened glass ensuring maximum efficiency and security. All are designed with sustainability in mind. Well insulated each heater converts 100% of its energy into heat

Our heaters are not mass produced as some other companies. Our UK-manufactured process ensures premium quality to enhance and add to the interior decoration of your home or space.

Install them in minutes and connect them to our Infrared Genius Control System with app access to ensure you save 30% on your energy bills. Choose from our two Genius thermostats and a control Hub (sold separately). Only one control Hub is required for approximately 20 rooms which is the ‘’Brain box’’ when controlling the infrared panels. To control each room individually choose from our sleek and stylish wired or wireless thermostats. Alternatively, you can purchase our basic Salus thermostat which are great for singular purchases.

IDEAL FOR: Indoor Living space, Bathrooms, Conservatories, Summer Houses, Office Spaces, Reception Areas and many more.


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