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05 Dec 2022

PREMIUM Aluminium Infrared heating Panels

Jigsaw Stand: N10
  • PREMIUM Aluminium Infrared heating Panels
  • PREMIUM Aluminium Infrared heating Panels
  • PREMIUM Aluminium Infrared heating Panels
PREMIUM Aluminium Infrared heating Panels PREMIUM Aluminium Infrared heating Panels PREMIUM Aluminium Infrared heating Panels

Manufactured in our own factory in the UK.

Our range of Aluminium Infrared Heaters is our most versatile range allowing them to be either ceiling, wall mounted or installed in a suspended ceiling. We use robust aluminium to create a clean slimline infrared heater which makes them lightweight, durable and long-lasting with no risk of buckling. This is then powder coated to ensure you keep that nice clean white look without yellowing. They are designed, built and certified in the UK to the highest standard with premium materials. Available in three sizes/wattages to compliment any room. Some rooms might only have one heater, larger areas could require more for even heating spread.

Our infrared panels provide warmth and clean heating, with no stuffy air feeling like normal radiators. They are 100% efficient and warm up in minutes. Supplied ready to provide energy-efficient heating to your home with our easy bracket system. Which have been engineered to be extremely strong, easy to install and lockable so they are 100% secure. You can choose to fit your infrared heaters yourself or let the Jigsaw Infrared team plan and install your tailored infrared heating system.

Quality starts on the inside. So we deliver the best in class heating with our heat pad controlled by bi-metallic sensors certified to over 100,000 switch cycles. Compared to other infrared panels with only 10,000 switch cycles.

On top of this, we lay an effective fire retardant insulation pad ensuring the back of the panel does not get too hot which will protect your walls and ceiling. This is an important part of our infrared panels as it helps to contain the heat creating the most efficient heating outward from the front of the panel, causing it to heat the room more effectively. Finally, when combining our panels together they are built to last with a rivet-free design that uses a superior bonding compound tested by Birmingham University to carry a load of 30kg for every 1mm of bond.

Install them in minutes and connect them to our Infrared Genius Control System with app access to ensure you save 30% on your energy bills. Choose from our two Genius thermostats and a control Hub (sold separately). Only one control Hub is required for approximately 20 rooms which is the ‘’Brain box’’ when controlling the infrared panels. To control each room individually choose from our sleek and stylish wired or wireless thermostats. Alternatively, you can purchase our basic Salus thermostat which is great for singular purchases.

We are confident in the quality of our panels so each one comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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