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Claire Miller

Claire Miller

Mobility & Energy Advisor, formerly Director of Tech & Innovation, Octopus Electric Vehicles
Claire Miller is Director of Technology and Innovation at Octopus Electric Vehicles (OEV), part of the Octopus Energy Group. Claire works at the cutting edge of EV adoption and use-cases for a smart connected grid, including the Powerloop vehicle to grid (V2G) project which she has led since January 2019. She is passionate about solving real world problems, delivering new technologies to market and, most importantly, into the hands of users to make a positive impact on the world around us. Claire also leads teams architecting and building the systems and digital environments that enable the day to day operation of OEV as an EV leasing company. Claire has a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Imperial College London. In 2021 she was a recipient of the Women Powering Smart Energy Award for Engineering, and in 2022 has been recognised as a 'Top Woman in EV' in Technology by the EV Summit.


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