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Will David

Will David

Chief Executive, Clenergy EV
Will David is CEO of Clenergy EV with a background in clean energy and the renewables sector. He has been dedicated to renewables for much of his working career, launching several wind turbine and solar developments across the UK in the past decade. Will set up Clenergy EV in 2017 to develop a charge point management system designed around the flexibility of Open Charge Point Protocol. This would allow CPOs and organisations to build charging networks made from the most suitable hardware for each use case, rather than relying on proprietary software. This gives Clenergy EV clients choice and control over who installs and supplies their charge point estates, both now and in the future, for all use cases. This includes public charging networks, workplace charging, fleet vehicles and more specialist use cases for high voltage vehicles. The mission of Clenergy EV is to provide simple, fair, and accessible electric vehicle charging - all from one platform, for one cleaner planet


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