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Mike Schooling

Mike Schooling

CTO & Founder, Indra Renewable Technologies
Mike is the founder and Chief Technical Officer at Indra Renewable Technologies Ltd, a fast-growing smart energy technology company based in Malvern, UK. As a dedicated innovator with a passion for the environment, Mike is driven by a mission to enable everyone to live a more sustainable life through intelligent energy use. Mike’s personal EV (electric vehicle) interest started in 2011 when he converted a Mazda RX8 to 100% electric drive. Mike soon realised there was an opportunity to create high-quality smart energy products for residential use and develop technology to focus on delivering the most sustainable energy solutions. This led him to found Indra in 2013. Now, with more than a decade of experience in the EV and energy sectors, Mike has helped to pioneer the development of smart charging for EVs as well as the first real world trials of vehicle to grid (V2G) and vehicle to home (V2H) technology. He has also patented a number of safety technology solutions for smart EV charging and developed EV software and engineering solutions for automotive prototype projects. The Indra Smart PRO and Pioneer chargers are designed, engineered and manufactured in the UK. Packed with intelligent features such as solar matching and smart scheduling, the chargers offer unrivalled reliability and robust technology that focuses on intelligent energy optimisation to deliver the best results for the customer and the grid. Indra has attracted international PE investment and is set for significant growth in 2022, with the launch of new products, bespoke partnership projects and a planned 500% growth in production.


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