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Fully Charged X Herschel Infrared - The Smart Route to Net Zero Heating

Herschel Infrared Heating Stand: J40

Robert speaks to Herschel Infrared CEO, Paul Morey, plus Domestic Sales Manager, Jane Lanceley, who share how their infrared heating solutions offer an attractive, affordable and readily available heating solution for those looking to decarbonise their heating.

Herschel Infrared provides a practical alternative to heat pumps – using radiant technology to optimise comfort levels and deliver an efficient heating solution. We discuss the results of their recent independent testing in a university chamber analysing the efficiency and comfort levels of Herschel Infrared alongside a heat pump and electric convector heater. The total costs of ownership of heating including servicing, purchase and installations costs are also considered to showcase how Herschel Infrared heating offers a very compelling electric heating solution.

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